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Geschichten und Märchen von Island - Afrika


Bullinger Briefwechsel - elektronische Ausgabe

Der Briefwechsel des Zürcher Reformators Heinrich Bullinger (1504-1575), des Nachfolgers von Huldrych Zwingli, ...


Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie

ca. 27'000 Biographien von Künstlern, Wissenschaftlern und Militärpersonen


Marx und Bakunin

Autor: Fritz Brupbacher (1874 - 1944), Zürcher Arbeiterarzt


About us

ARPA Data GmbH was founded in 1993. Its headquarters are in Adliswil, approximately 6 km south of Zurich-center, in the valley of the Sihl.


ARPA Data GmbH deals with special programming around the optical character recognition (OCR) apart to make this content available in electronic form.
Great emphasis is placed on the most simple and streamlined processes to facilitate the work of the end user. The programs show user-friendly interfaces that provide quick connections to databases.


Our guiding principle is the knowledge that printed literature has to be made accessible quickly and efficiently. This mainly includes old documents as

  • Books    Newspapers    Magazines    Images,    
which are preserved by an electronically reprocessed version before the collapse due to overuse and brittle paper.

Database programming

In conjunction with partners we realize further projects as